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What is "Legal Ops"?

When it comes to modern businesses, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO) often gets more attention and respect than the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) -- and the reason why has far more to do with staffing and organization than the CTO actually being more vital to profits than the CLO.

Fortunately, with a few simple changes to your tools your team can bring the CLO up to par with CTO in the executive suite. We show you how in LinkSquares' latest eBook: "What is 'Legal Ops' and Why Do You Need It?".

In many businesses (and especially in software companies), the Chief Technology Officer drives significant innovation, putting new technical tools and new software products into use that lower costs and increase revenue. Their value to the company is often more obvious than that of the Chief Legal Officer, who usually helps the bottom line by minimizing risk and avoiding unforeseen loss.

The CLO, however, can drive innovation -- in processes, in contract language, in business strategy -- by adopting the CLO's secret weapon: a dedicated operations staff. Developer Operations, "or DevOps," has been the secret to unshackling CTOs from the day-to-day housekeeping of technology operations, allowing them to focus on the innovative, strategic work that can best help the organization (and the CTO's own visibility and influence).

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Legal Operations, also known as "Legal Ops," adapts the concept of DevOps to your law department, similarly freeing the CLO to become a strategic player in the C-suite. With "What is 'Legal Ops' and Why Do You Need It?", you'll learn what LegalOps is, why the time is right to invest in LegalOps now, and who should be on your first LegalOps team.

If you're ready to make your legal team (and legal leadership) a critical and co-equal asset to every other department in your business, download "What is 'Legal Ops' and Why Do You Need It?" now.

And if you want to adopt the AI-powered contract automation suite that can make LegalOps implementation quick and easy, contact LinkSquares today.