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Speed up Redline Review with Document Comparison

As you work through your contract review process, reading and comparing document versions, you want to know all of the changes the counterparty has made to the agreement. But manually reading documents is both time-consuming and error-prone: missing key language that could have dire consequences for your business. 

Document Comparison in LinkSquares Finalize automates the review process and gives you the confidence you need to efficiently complete the redline process without missing anything important. 

How Does It Work? 

Compare any two contract versions quickly by downloading a Microsoft Word doc that surfaces all present differences using “Track Changes” mode. Within seconds, you are ready to review, knowing you’ve tracked every change.

doc comp -1

Key Benefits: 

  • Speed up your redline review and get to signature faster and with greater confidence.
  • Reduce risk by automatically tracking redlines, never missing a change due to human error. 

To learn more about how to speed up the redline review process for your legal team, schedule a demo today

Jamie Fonarev is a Product Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.