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Letter from the CEO
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Letter from the CEO

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Welcome to the second edition of The Link. Today, I’d like to talk to you about something that is extremely important to us here at LinkSquares: enabling our customers to work where they want to work. 

When it comes to technology, there are always vendors and pundits claiming there’s a need to completely change how we do things. Your employees may be comfortable, productive, and profitable working with specific tools, but according to these folks, you have to take a new approach because it’s “the future.” That means abandoning tools you use – the ones proven to work – to conform to their way. 

That seems like more emphasis being placed on their future and less on helping you realize yours.

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There are approximately 400 CLM vendors in this space, yet when we ask General Counsels why their teams choose us, we get the same reply over and over again. Other tools aren’t built correctly because the companies don’t listen to GCs. As an example, the legal realm will continue using Microsoft Word, so stop forcing them to use a cloud-based new document editor, instead. And the collaborative online editing experience with counterparties? GCs aren’t keen on that one, either.

It’s not like time forgot the legal space and GCs were left behind. The problem is the prescriptions some vendors offer to fix pain points aren’t the right prescriptions. Our philosophy is that if you’re getting a lot of benefit from existing tech, then leverage it, integrate it, don’t throw the investment away or jeopardize productivity.

You can have the best of both worlds with a CLM platform that doesn’t require total change, but still provides access to technology that's meaningful and helps employees do their jobs even better. The fact that this boosts ROI and eliminates the training and cost of bringing people up to speed doesn’t hurt, either. 

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At LinkSquares, we listen to our GC customers and partner with them so that they can work wherever they want. Whether it’s Word or email, why tamper with success when there’s not a need? And after investing millions of hours in the success of Microsoft Word, I think it’s a pretty safe bet the company remains committed to the product’s future development.

We get it, you want to work with familiar tools, and after all, user comfort facilitates greater productivity and adoption. That said, your feedback has made LinkSquares a success and we can’t thank you enough. We’ll continue to keep listening, so that you can always work where you want to work. 

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Vishal Sunak is the co-founder and CEO of LinkSquares.