Create A Money Making Partnership Between Legal and Sales: Step #1

By Alyssa Verzino

AdobeStock_256369297The alliance between Legal and Sales is underdeveloped at many companies. Their sum is greater than their parts. Your legal team can be your sales team’s secret weapon, ultimately creating a fierce and highly profitable partnership. 

There are three steps to creating this partnership. The first step is all about thinking and planning ahead.

Step 1: Be Proactive

Deal friction from the legal team happens when they have to carefully inspect contracts. This can be avoided with proactively created sales contracts including pre-approved legal language. It’s a great start, but a one-size-fits-all sales contract limits sales reps with one offer for every potential customer. That’s where legal teams can take even further action -- and where smart contract management software comes in.

With advanced contract drafting tools, you can break down a sales contract into component sections and clauses, then build a semi-custom contract for every customer. Need a different privacy policy for sales prospects in a regulated industry like finance or healthcare? Swap out your terms of service from a legal-approved library, each customized for a specific vertical. Need different payment terms for a small business vs. enterprise customers? Drop in the appropriate clause as defined by both the Head of Sales and the Corporate Counsel.

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Similarly, Legal can analyze existing contracts to see which customers have contracts coming to term, so Sales can re-win any deals that may slip ahead of time. A similar advance analysis of any customer with a termination for convenience clause -- meaning they can cancel at any time -- will help highlight which clients the sales team should ensure they keep happy.

This analysis gets more thorough with modern contract analysis tools. Build a "terming customer" report once, then run it as often as needed to keep the deal flow moving. It’s easy with the right contract management tool.  

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