Let Automation Find the Contract Liabilities You Can't See

By LinkSquares Team



Staying on top of your ever-expanding contract liabilities is a full-time job, and most companies need their in-house counsel to do more than just re-read old contracts all day. Fortunately, modern software automation can help your legal team stay on top of your liability profile, and we discuss the particulars in our latest eBook: "Limit Unseen Liability by Automating Contract Analysis".

Every good in-house counsel and legal team tries to limit the liabilities posed by your contract portfolio, but their ability to control liability is limited to their ability to control the drafting and execution of contracts. If they didn't write them or approve them, they often can't account for all the liabilities in your contracts.

Previously, the answer to this dilemma was to read -- and re-read -- every contract in your legal portfolio. For a lot of companies, that process doesn't scale very easily, especially if a significant number of contracts were written before you brought on your current in-house counsel and legal staff. This eBook lays out exactly what aspects of a contract that modern artificial intelligence can parse out.

But beyond the basic contract inventory, how does contract analysis software actually help you model and limit unseen liability? As discussed in our latest guide, most companies try to lock down liability by issuing standard, boilerplate contracts that drive all client, partner, and vendor agreements.

That approach works only until the standard agreement starts to slow down sales commissions, or gums up executive initiatives. Before long, your "standard" agreement is just a jumping-off point for all kinds of custom contracts that your legal team has to stay on top of.

In our eBook, we discuss how modern contract analysis automation can suss out and categorize these non-standard agreements and help you keep contract liability under control. It goes on to discuss how integrating contract analysis into your workflow can help you build better and more flexible standard agreements, so limiting liability and maximizing profits aren't mutually exclusive.

If you're ready to learn what modern, artificially intelligent contract analysis software can do to force-multiply your legal team and stamp out unseen contract liability, download "Limit Unseen Liability by Automating Contract Analysis" now.

And if you're ready to start your journey towards contract analysis automation -- and all the liability limitations that AI software can provide -- contact LinkSquares today.

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