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docusign vs. linksquares
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Choosing the Best eSignature Tool

It’s a new dawn for the industry as legal tech solutions are helping legal teams automate many of the processes once bogged down by pen and paper. Armed with these tools, legal teams are becoming more efficient and adding even more value to their businesses. E-signature solutions are critical to digitizing the legal function. 

The market is full of solutions, along with our own LinkSquares Sign. The leading solutions of Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and PandaDoc all have something critical in common: they offer digital signatures.


What is a Digital Signature?

These solutions top the electronic signature market because they offer digital signature capabilities. Digital signatures tie into a verifiable encryption key, making them more secure and, subsequently, more legally enforceable than other types of e-signatures. The leading e-signature providers use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to authenticate their digital signatures, a widely followed standard known to stand up to scrutiny. 

As to legal specifics, a digital signature in the United States must comply with the ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). It must conform to the eIDAS standard to operate in the European Union. Tools that meet these standards are generally accepted in industrialized nations. By these legal standards, LinkSquares Sign, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, HelloSign, and PandaDoc are verified digital signature solutions. Most legal teams would be dressed for success using any of these tools. 

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Finding the Right Fit

Each of these tools is unique and has plenty to offer, so determining which is the best choice for your legal team might require some research.

To help you figure out which solution fits your needs, check out this guide that breaks down the leading eSignature solutions. We cover the pros and cons of each so you can make your next e-signature investment with confidence. 

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