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AI-powered contract management software
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AI Makes Legal Teams Extremely Effective, Not Replaceable

businessman-at-work-at-his-office-makes-notes-into-TMB9VYXIn today’s technologically advanced climate, there are very few aspects of our daily lives that haven’t been affected by artificial intelligence (AI) in one meaningful way or another. Everyday things as simple as the phones we carry around in our pockets, or the fitness trackers we wear around our wrists, vastly influence the ways we interact with our immediate surroundings. And while we tend not to worry too much about the potentially negative impact of AI when it comes to our personal devices, we are much less laid back about how it might affect our careers. 

For legal professionals whose teams haven’t yet adopted AI in the form of contract management software, it might seem like a legitimate threat to your job security. And while you would be right to think that AI has the potential to take over some of your current responsibilities, you would be wrong to assume it can replace you and your unique, individual legal expertise. Here's what you can expect. 

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Embrace Less Tedium, More Productivity

If you are not currently on a legal team that utilizes AI tools, chances are you spend a lot of valuable time on artless administrative tasks, whether it’s manually drafting easily automated standard contracts, or running through countless data-input procedures and reviews. One of AI’s most important contributions to your legal team will be to remove such tedious processes from your daily to-do lists, and to open up your calendar to more revenue-building initiatives.  

Identify Your Unique Contribution

AI has a lot of sophisticated functions, and it is true that they’re becoming more sophisticated all the time. But AI learns from us, and it’s very possible you have an area of expertise that could be useful to the orientation of the software, as well as interpersonal skills that benefit your clients. Strategizing and being creative—these are the kinds of things that AI can’t do! 

➜ Read the eBook, How Powerful AI Transforms Contract Management Processes

Let the Robots do the “Robot Work” 

If your team is just about ready to embrace the tools AI has to offer, view it as an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate your individual legal knowledge and abilities. If, as the saying goes, “a robot can do it,” then you are more valuable than whatever that specific task might be. Consider it a kind of promotion, and let the robots do the work that is holding you back from sealing the next big deal. 

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