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3 Ways You Can Access Cockpit Counsel This Summer

Summer is a time for travel and new, exciting opportunities. In the spirit of adventure, LinkSquares is excited to announce the launch of our Cockpit Counsel Podcast Series, hosted by our resident pilot and Chief Legal Officer Tim Parilla.

The Cockpit Counsel Webinar Series brings legal leaders and Tim together to discuss industry trends, technology development, and how to establish your personal brand as in-house counsel. Past guests have included Danielle Sheer, Nir Dagan, and even LinkSquares residents Brittany Wayne and Jonathan Greenblatt to name a few. The podcast will provide each of these sessions in audio form every week, giving you more ways to navigate the uncertain skies that often cloud legal counsels’ roles.

So what is Cockpit Counsel, exactly? Is it a webinar? A podcast? A vibe? The answer to all of those things is yes. Here are three ways you can access Cockpit Counsel this summer:

 #1: Watch the webinars

You can still access your favorite Cockpit Counsel webinars any time by visiting this page. We get it-you like the classics. (Respect.)

#2: Listen to the podcast 

Each week, we’ll take one of the Cockpit Counsel episodes and turn them into an accessible podcast episode for your listening pleasure. Keep the series on your radar by following us on Wistia, or wherever you get your podcasts.

#3: Follow the #TakeOffTuesday social media updates

Follow us on our social media accounts and look for the #TakeOffTuesday hashtag to learn what’s next for the pod. And feel free to let us know what you think!

Make sure you check out our first Cockpit Counsel Podcast episode on Friday, July 22, where Tim discusses data privacy with GC and Chief Privacy Officer Andy Dale of Alyce. Get ready for take-off!

Christina Sullivan is a Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.