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LinkSquares: Your Dedicated Team of Experts

At LinkSquares, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and educated resource for legal teams. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the different experts across the company and how they empower us to provide the best experience to our customers. 

Legal Experts: Throughout the company, we have attorneys with a variety of subject matter expertise throughout - from Sales to AI development.

AI Engineers: Our highly skilled data scientists and machine learning engineers develop the highest quality AI models and solutions.

Customer Success: The customer success team at LinkSquares is unparalleled. This team is there to support new customers from training to implementation and beyond. Every LinkSquares customer has an assigned expert available whenever needed.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out these reviews from our customers on G2.  

"LinkSquares has been an essential asset to our startup company's organization and growth." - Abner R, Legal Assistant

“LinkSquare's AI-driven data extractions are one of the best features that it provides; including its smart values and tags. Additionally, the organizational features in LinkSquares provide easier ways for viewing and scrubbing data; such as the custom agreement view, linking agreements, bulk editing tags and type”.

"Active Linksquares: Real World Usage Review" - Dean T, Vice President 

“Flexibility of uploading contracts and documents into one spot thereby allowing the OCR technology to scan text to leverage queries-based smart values/tags. Allows for easy, mass-migration of digitized contracts into actionable cross-contract queries”

"Contract Management Easy and Fast” - Administrator in Construction

“They have added many features that make ease of use so quick and effortless. Constantly updating to make the system user-friendly and more efficient.”

“Linksquares provided a top-notch onboarding phase. They are willing to work at whatever speed your company can handle. They are constantly making improvements to their product and are looking for their users to provide them with ideas for future enhancements.”

"Intuitive and the best AI scanning" - Administrator in Medical Devices

“LinkSquares is the most intuitive CLM out of the top 10 CLMs that we demoed. No training videos are required. Does everything you need and nothing more complicated.”

“The AI scanning for the repository, known as Analyze, is also the most superior we encountered. I also like that it includes QC for the scans (most CLMs charge extra).”

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"One Stop Shop for Contract Management" - Kristen S, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

“As the first in-house GC for my organization, Linksquares gives me tremendous insight into analyzing our legacy agreements and running customer reports. The Finalize offering standardized our contracting process and provides oversight and control by the legal department.”

"Fast, accurate, reliable, must-have CMS that just keeps getting better!" - Alvaro A, General Counsel and VP of Operations

“Even though LS has grown by leaps and bounds since I first became a customer, the support and technology remain best in class. It is precise, accurate, fast, and flexible.” 

“Fast, efficient organization of contracts. Team and company-wide reporting. Light-speed builds of diligence datarooms. We move quicker, we are more accurate, we save time and money allowing us to focus on building our business rather than troubleshooting for lost files or missing information.”

"Top Notch Contract Management Product with Amazing Support" - Administrator in Hospital & Health Care

“Linksquares OCR and AI provide us with data that we would never have thought were helpful. We are creating a data-driven infrastructure for our departments to increase automation and a decrease in the hours used for simple tasks.”

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Eliana Lee is a Legal Engineer at LinkSquares.