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How to Get a Contract Signed in Adobe Sign

What is Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is a secure cloud-based software that enables documents to be prepared, sent, e-signed and returned from any device in just minutes.

Electronic signatures collected using Adobe Sign are guaranteed to be valid and enforceable under the law of the United States, European Union, and other jurisdictions.

Certified copies of the signed document are automatically provided to all signatories, and the final document stored in the Adobe Cloud or an alternative secure location specified by the signatories or the document creator.

Adobe Sign allows for the creation of new documents using pre-loaded templates, and the design of a custom workflow for each.

Using Adobe Sign to get contracts signed can then be as easy as sending an e-mail.

There are just a few simple steps you need to follow.

How to Use Adobe Sign for Contracts

  1. After drafting your document and storing it on your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., go to your Adobe Sign Dashboard.
  2. Click on “Send” or “Get a Document Signed.”
  3. Enter the e-mail address(es) of the intended signatory or signatories.
  4. The contract will be received and signed by recipients in the order in which you enter the e-mail addresses unless you select the “Complete in Any Order” option.
  5. Click “Add Files” or drag and drop your document into the Files box.
  6. Open and edit your document; importing the necessary signatory detail and signature fields from the right-hand panel on the screen, according to the number who are going to sign.
  7. When you are satisfied with the document, click “Send”. A copy of the sent document will be automatically saved as a PDF by Adobe Sign and also sent to you by e-mail.
  8. Recipient Signatories.
  9. Recipients will receive an e-mail with instructions to review and sign the contract.

They may sign by typing, clicking a box or drawing the signature with a finger or mouse. Where necessary, Adobe Sign also allows for the use of digital signatures derived from certificated digital IDs for enhanced security.

Once complete, the signatory will click on “Click to Sign” and copies of the signed document verified with IP addresses, times of signature, and email addresses will be immediately e-mailed to all signatories.

As the originator, you will also receive notification that the contract has been signed both by e-mail and on your Adobe Sign Dashboard.

How Businesses Benefit from Electronic and Digital Signature

Adobe Sign is a great solution for both individuals, SMEs and larger businesses which need documents signed quickly and securely. An integrated system for electronic signatures allows for multiple signatures to be collected in minutes rather than days; and provides a secure, paperless, audit trail.

For businesses, collecting electronic signatures in this way can mean significant efficiencies in their workflows, saving both time and money and eliminating the risk of losing sales through slow, bureaucratic and error-prone systems.

For clients and customers, too, there is great convenience in being able to sign and return sales and other agreements from PC, phone or tablet without having to print, make copies, scan or fax.

Chris Combs is the co-founder and SVP of Business Development at LinkSquares.