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How to Build an Innovative Legal Ops Team

Building out a legal ops function that overshoots the mark isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. In this blog series, we’ll cover the three principles that will transform your legal ops practices. If you missed the first principle, check it out here. All caught up? Let’s dive in. 

Step out of your (innovation) comfort zone.

Some legal ops teams never move beyond basic risk management cleanup. Thomson Reuters calls this out, suggesting that lawyers’ conservative natures may leave them “preferring the status quo.” 

Top performers go on the offensive. These all-stars look for ways to automate processes and deploy technology to evolve how business gets done. 

This might mean customized contract creation workflows or deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to report in real-time across your legal portfolio. It may also include developing processes to add information into a knowledge management platform for outside counsel access. 
elevate your legal brand

High-performing legal operations leaders understand the fluid nature of legal functions – particularly at high-growth companies. They prioritize tools, processes, and capabilities to respond to “what ifs” proactively. 

  • What if clients ask for something uncommon in a contract?
  • What if management needs to understand variability in client commitments for compliance? 

Anticipate dynamic requests and lean on technology – not brute force – to find answers. Technology creates leverage for under-resourced legal operations teams and enables the ‘wins’ that produce internal champions. When finance, sales, or procurement teams need you, your influence (and resources) expand. 

One legal operations head acknowledges that the right technology solutions unlock the space to “look around and figure out what’s broken.” Come back to the blog next week to learn the last pillar of legal ops excellence – developing a data devotion. Ready today? Check out the full guide here.   

Alyssa Verzino is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.