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Quickly Summarize the Terms Governing your Contractual Relationships

LinkSquares Analyze is the powerhouse platform that provides a central, organized repository for contract storage while delivering impactful insights to help you understand your entire portfolio. Managing contractual relationships tends to get messy, but LinkSquares gives you the tools to stay organized without sacrificing contract visibility.

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To help stay organized as you add more contracts, amendments, etc. to a particular contractual relationship in LinkSquares, we offer Governing Summary in Analyze. Gone are the days of playing hide and seek with the current contract terms – now you see the most relevant and current terms governing your relationships in minutes, not hours. 

Let’s say you signed an initial master agreement in 2015, but over the years the addition of amendments and service agreements altered the terms of the relationship. While all these files may be in one location, you’d still need to manually comb through each document to ensure you have the most recent information. Now, with Governing Summary, teams can quickly align on governing terms without fear of losing important information. 

How Does It Work? 


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LinkSquares automatically gives users an initial suggestion of governing terms to review and accept. Users can edit these suggestions and select the current governing terms for an agreement family. The final product is a sleek digest of active terms the entire team can use. 

Learn more about Governing Summary and the other tools that save legal time and money. Request a demo today.

Colleen Matthews is a Product Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.