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3 More Reasons to Get Rid of Scanned PDFs - Copy of Legal Best Practices_Header
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3 More Reasons to Get Rid of Scanned PDFs

Welcome back to our smear campaign for scanned PDFs. You already know some of the logistical and practical challenges with scanned PDFs, from personal experience or reading our related post.

You're not alone if most of your legal contracts or customer agreements are scanned PDFs. Other legal teams like yours have spent countless hours trying to organize their scanned PDFs into some semblance of efficiency. The first step is acknowledging you have a problem. 

But fear not! We have the steps you need to help you get a firm grip on your legal contracts. In part 1, we established that among other challenges, scanned PDF images are impossible to search and require hours of manual work to sort. Here are three ways you can convert your scanned PDF contracts to start your journey to contract lifecycle management freedom:

 #1: Gather your PDFs in a single location

Contracts are much more manageable when they are all in one place. Having a single source of truth where all your contracts live will allow you to find them quickly and notice any discrepancies between documents that may need streamlining going forward.

 #2: Convert PDFs back into digital files

Having your files all in one place is great, but you need to be able to search them too. Using a tool like Adobe or ABBYY Finereader is a good starting point. Just make sure you are checking carefully for any errors since most of these tools are only up to 95% accurate.

#3: Use a digital process

You’re older and wiser now. Once your files are converted digitally, you now have a process and opportunity to establish best practices going forward. Using an eSignature tool like LinkSquares Sign is a simple way to help keep you in the digital age going forward.

Creating digital contracts and storing them in a centralized repository is the key to contract liberation. End-to-end contract management opens up a whole new world of possibilities for legal leaders like you.

Next week, we’ll wrap up this blog series with best practices for OCR conversion. We’ll also summarize our key takeaways to set you up for digital contract management success.

If you’re interested in learning more about how contract lifecycle management software can save you time, money, and headaches, schedule a demo today.

Christina Sullivan is a Content Marketing Manager at LinkSquares.