Why Jira and Salesforce Aren't the Right Places to Manage Contracts

By LinkSquares Team

meeting-table-with-documents-45LQA6UEveryone wants to treat their contract drafting process like any other workflow, so they try to manage that process with standard workflow tools like Salesforce and Jira. And then it doesn't work, and they break down and buy a dedicated contract management solution. But if they don't know why Salesforce and Jira didn't work, they won't know how to buy a better set of contract management tools.

That's why LinkSquares developed our newest eBook: "How to Evaluate Contract Management Solutions".

You've probably gotten the general feedback that "Salesforce isn't working" and "Jira can't do what I need," and you might have even gotten specific complaints like "I have to manually populate all the Salesforce contract data," or "Jira can't give me the reporting I need." But these complaints likely haven't come in an organized fashion, and you probably don't have an articulated list of wants and needs lined up to "grade" a contract management solution.

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That means you'll be buying a contract management solution without the information you need to buy the best software for your business.

With "How to Evaluate Contract Management Solutions", you'll learn how to identify all the key features each of your stakeholders wants in a "better" contract management tool. Then you'll learn how to prioritize that list into must-haves, nice-to-haves, and total luxuries. You also get a list of key questions to ask a contract management solution vendor, so you can evaluate how well they can deliver each of the features you know you really need.

From there, locating and adopting the right contract management tool is a straightforward process. If you're ready to get started on your journey to a better contract management experience, download "How to Evaluate Contract Management Solutions" now.

And if you're ready to adopt the most advanced contract management solution on the market -- one powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence built and trained to solve contract management problems -- then contact LinkSquares today.

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