Using Software to Maintain GDPR Contractual Compliance

By LinkSquares Team


The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has already been revised by administrators and legal rulings since it was introduced in 2016, and that means your contracts and policies need to be revised right along with it. That's why LinkSquares created our newest eBook: "How to Make Your Contracts GDPR Compliant (And Keep Them That Way)".

Since the GDPR was introduced in 2016, it has served as the model for similar privacy regulations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India, Japan, Kenya, South Korea and, in the United States, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). As the GDPR evolves, so will these regulations, which means your legal portfolio must evolve to keep pace.

To make sure your privacy policies, end-user agreements, client contracts, and terms of service are all in sync and match the latest GDPR guidance, you need automated contract analysis software. Contract analysis solutions can help you identify not only the relevant agreements in you contract repository, but also key elements within those agreements like:

  • GDPR terminology

  • GDPR-required contract clauses

  • Derived GDPR "values"

Free Download: The Ultimate GDPR Compliance Guide

By using contact analysis software to regularly report on these items, you can ensure that every contract you write, and every agreement you've ever written, stays current with the GDPR. And with "How to Make Your Contracts GDPR Compliant (And Keep Them That Way)", your contract analysis solution will know exactly where to look.

If you want to fast-track your GDPR contract management, download "How to Make Your Contracts GDPR Compliant (And Keep Them That Way)" now.

And if you want the AI-powered contract management and automation solution that will expedite and simplify your GDPR compliance efforts, contact LinkSquares today.