"Lining Up the Close" - How GCs Can Accelerate Fundraising Rounds

By LinkSquares Team

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Raising a funding round for your company is a huge effort in addition to your job of building a successful business. That's why the best funding rounds are the ones that close the fastest. While CEOs and CFOs usually lead fundraising efforts, the secret weapon to closing a flawless round quickly is your General Counsel.

That's why we created our newest eBook: "How General Counsels Can (and Should) Help Companies Raise Funding Rounds".

To close a fundraising round, you need all parties to agree on a valuation of your business. To reach a consensus valuation requires disclosing all the relevant data an investor might need to perform due diligence. In the end, that's about using information to make an argument -- in this case, arguing for a price -- and that's exactly what a good lawyer is trained to do.

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Reaching a valuation is about more than just assets and liabilities, it's about projecting growth and evaluating risks. Yes, you have good sales and a good growth trend, but how secure are your existing contracts? How many risks are tied up in your intellectual property licenses? What shareholder rights can you offer?

While you can wait for a potential investor to raise these questions and then send your team off in search of an answer, a properly prepared General Counsel can have responses at the ready for every legal and contractual concern. That doesn't just accelerate due diligence, it builds confidence in your operation, and helps you control the valuation narrative.

We show you how to preempt investor questions in "How General Counsels Can (and Should) Help Companies Raise Funding Rounds".

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