How to Track Down All Your Company's "Missing" Contracts

By LinkSquares Team

contracts -1So you went and built a centralized contract repository to hold all your legal agreements in one place, where everyone can find them and your legal analysis software can work on each of them. But, how do you know all of your contracts have been added to the repository?

Without an audit, you don't. That's why LinkSquares created our latest eBook: "4 Steps to Effectively Audit Your Company’s Contracts".

Every organization has a few employees that don't consistently follow best practices and company policies, and contract management is no exception. Contracts get created by employees on the road, at home during a pandemic, or with the help of non-legal experts in other departments. Those agreements then get saved and stored on personal laptop or cloud shares, rather than the approved repository. It's a very common tale. 

Download the Guide: How to Audit Your Company's Contracts

So how do you know when these "rogue contracts" are out there, and how do you get them back where they belong?

With "4 Steps to Effectively Audit Your Company’s Contracts", you'll learn the tips and tricks for tracking down misplaced and forgotten legal agreements hiding throughout your company network. It takes more than just technology to locate these agreements. You'll need some investigative acumen and little benevolent social enticement to get all your contracts under one digital roof, and this eBook shows you how.

You'll also get advice on how to develop a regular audit regimen. It's a never-ending battle, and this eBook will show you how to fight it well.

If you're ready to track down every last contract your company has ever created, then you need to download "4 Steps to Effectively Audit Your Company’s Contracts" now.

And if you're ready to adopt a contract automation suite that not only makes contract auditing easier to manage, but offers an artificially intelligent contract repository that makes all that auditing worthwhile, then contact LinkSquares today.