How Legal Ops is Different from "Shadow IT"

By LinkSquares Team

theyre-a-united-business-team-8P7SHN4Legal Ops is the newest tactic employed by legal teams to improve their efficiency and add value to the larger organization, but many critics are comparing Legal Ops to the dubious practice of shadow IT. To explain why this criticism is unfounded, we developed our latest eBook: "What is 'Legal Ops' and Why Do You Need It?".

For those unfamiliar with the term, "shadow IT" refers to software and technology deployed without permission from or management by your IT department. When the marketing team adopts a project management tool without telling the CIO or the sales department deploys email blast software without running it by the compliance team, that's considered "shadow IT" or "rogue IT." 

Shadow IT happens because individuals and teams need specialized technology that isn't useful to other departments, and the process of going through official channels to requisition that software is too slow, too difficult, or too likely to result in a "no." Shadow IT is a bad solution to a process problem, not least because it can introduce security risks when non-technical employees introduce new technology.

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But shadow IT keeps happening, despite the risks, because specialized departments need specialized software. This is where the comparison to Legal Ops comes in. Legal Ops is a specialized operations team -- with specialized software tools -- designed to make your law department more efficient and effective. But once you understand what Legal Ops is, you won't have to sneak around to deploy it -- because its value to your business will be obvious.

"What is 'Legal Ops' and Why Do You Need It?" will arm you with the information you need to design, budget, and stand up a Legal Ops team through proper channels. And while Legal Ops will need its own specialized software, those tools are so affordable -- and so clearly valuable -- your IT department will be glad to set them up.

If you want to make your legal team more effective -- and learn how to make the case for LegalOps to your company leadership -- download "What is 'Legal Ops' and Why Do You Need It?" now.

And if you want to get a jump on the key software that makes LegalOps such a no-doubt adoption for every legal team, contact LinkSquares today.