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Artificial Intelligence Transforms Legal Tech

Contract ManagementThe following is an excerpt from The Link, LinkSquares' quarterly publication. Check out the full publication here.

You can often break down technology innovation into significant steps. Boats, for example, started as manually powered vessels, then became wind-powered, then engine-powered, then nuclear. Each new power source brought new possibilities. Legal software is much the same, and we're on the cusp of a transition from one power source to another.

For most of their history, law firms and legal departments ran on manual power. Whatever the problem was, the solution was to throw more people and more billable hours at it. Until the advent of software and time-tracking, Lexis Nexis, email, and spreadsheets empowered law firms to do more than ever before.

Today, we're witnessing the next major innovation transform the industry: artificial intelligence. AI is creating legal solutions that outpace and outperform traditional software in the same way steamships and diesel-powered vessels surpassed even the finest wind-powered ships.

LinkSquares is a legal solution built around AI from day one. We harness machine learning to automate, accelerate, and improve legal processes that only human beings could previously perform. We are developing new solutions that power every part of the contracting process with AI, which we believe will offer unparalleled functionality. 

Learn About LinkSquares AI

As has often been the case throughout history, it takes a fresh perspective to realize the true power of technology. A good analogy is the last great leap in naval innovation: nuclear power.

Artificial intelligence devised for legal teams is the nuclear power plant of legal technology. It leads to designs that can do more than previous solutions, not just the old stuff faster. Nuclear power leads to submarines that can operate submerged for months and supercarrier battle groups that can secure 500 square miles of ocean. AI designed for Legal leads to software that can read and understand your contracts. That's the level of innovation we've embraced here at LinkSquares.

We're writing our own AI and developing new kinds of legal tools. We're building the operating system for the modern legal team, and we can't wait to see what's over the horizon.

You can learn more about this vision in our recent blog post from Vishal Sunak. If that view of the future sounds interesting to you, contact LinkSquares today