A Lawyer's Crash Course in A.I.

By LinkSquares Team

everything legal teams want to know about AI


According to the media hype, lawyers are going to be replaced by artificial intelligence any day now -- so how should legal professionals A.I.-proof their jobs and careers?

Many of those answers can be found in LinkSquares' newest eBook: "Everything Legal Teams Want to Know About A.I. (But Were Afraid to Ask)".

Lawyers, as a group, have always been resistant to adopting new technology, with many legal functions still conducted via paper documents and wet-ink signatures. Even though it's unlikely that A.I. will put every lawyer on the planet out of a job, legal professionals who spend their days mired in outdated administrative work should take note, because this is precisely the drudgery that A.I. intends to automate away.

In "Everything Legal Teams Want to Know About A.I. (But Were Afraid to Ask)", LinkSquares provides answers to the three most important questions facing the legal professionals today:

  1. What is Artificial Intelligence?
  2. What Can (and Can't) Artificial Intelligence Do?
  3. How Do I Avoid Getting Replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

With the help of this eBook, you can position yourself as an artificial intelligence thought leader in your organization while also identifying the skills you need to future-proof your own job.

As an added bonus, with the understanding that this eBook provides, you'll be in a better position to separate the reality of artificial intelligence from the A.I. marketing hype, and can make informed decisions about the A.I. tools and processes your legal team should adopt.

If you're ready to get ahead of the artificial intelligence curve both in your workplace and in your career, download "Everything Legal Teams Want to Know About A.I. (But Were Afraid to Ask)".

And if you want to get an up-close look at the kinds of (previously human-only) legal tasks that A.I. can now perform -- and conduct the most efficient, thorough, and effective review of your contract portfolio -- contact LinkSquares today.

everything legal teams want to know about ai ebook