Bazaarvoice Teams with LinkSquares to Optimize Contract Abstraction and Decrease Review Costs

By Chris Combs


Bazaarvoice Teams with LinkSquares to Optimize Contract Abstraction & Decrease Review Costs by 50%

Somerville, MA, - November 1st, 2016

Bazaarvoice, the leading provider of technology solutions that connect brands to consumers, has teamed with LinkSquares to better understand the details of their contracts and customer agreements.

Bazaarvoice, which is based in Austin, Texas, is not only responsible for internal reporting; but as a publicly-traded company, has additional critical reporting they are responsible for. With over 3,000 customers, they found it challenging to mine the necessary data needed for these projects.

Nick Campbell, Bazaarvoice's lead product and privacy counsel, contacted LinkSquares to help with contract abstraction, discovery, and legal review projects. LinkSquares digitized their files and helped them transition away from scanned PDFs. LinkSquares also allowed them to have a powerful search tool on top of their agreements, that were now in a single, secure location.

"Before we were spending countless hours trying to review documents and prepare reports. With LinkSquares we can automate most of this process and increase the accuracy of our reviews. Its saved us thousands in time and outside counsel costs."

Bazaarvoice sees their partnership with LinkSquares as an important investment that will pay dividends for years to come. Responsible for a reduction in manual review costs, decreased bills from outside counsel, and allowing employees to work on higher-level tasks, LinkSquares’ solutions are a welcomed addition to Bazaarvoice’s workflow.


About LinkSquares

LinkSquares is a web application for teams to automate the search and reporting process around company contracts, replacing current manual contract review processes that are time consuming, inefficient, and create legal risk.

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