New eBook: Contract Risks Assessment for Legal Teams

By Chris Combs

Simply maintaining order and internalizing the content of your contracts is not enough today. You need a strong technical tools that can help prepare for security issues as well. The threats are real, and just one breach could ruin the entire credibility of a company.

This is why we've created a new eBook for legal teams to review relevant contract risks and security risks companies face every day. The last section also includes a self-assessment worksheet that can help you review where you stand on some of these issues. Download the eBook here.

Here is an example excerpt from the book:

1 in 3 companies experienced a data or security breach last year and its certainly possible that number could be higher. Why? Because most companies who’ve had this problem don’t want to disclose that an incident like this happened. The key difference in the two numbers shows that more companies have been hit with a security breach (33%) than those who said they were actually prepared for the attack (29%). It’s scary that in 2016, not all companies with confidential technology, IP, and customer data are ready to protect it.

We’ve compiled all of our research and conversations with in-house legal and finance teams here at LinkSquares to bring you this three part eBook, and to share the risks we commonly see. Please download it today and let us know what you think!

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