Save Your Sales Rep's Time in Contracts

By Chris Combs

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Saving time is the main goal of many sales and business operations today. There are always new ways you can save your sales reps time when they’d normally spend be doing manual work. If successful, you can allow reps to spend more time to focus on revenue generating activities like prospecting or closing deals.

We’ve learned some lessons along the way that could help sales, legal and finance fight their contract nightmares. Here are a few favorites:

  1. Use Pre-Approved Templates – If you can establish a framework for common contracts or business docs, reps can then reuse the template for all similar deals in the future. Having these pre-approved templates eliminates the necessity of trying to see if sales reps are using the most up to date version of a contract or agreement . Ironing out the details once for any sales or business contracts like enterprise licensing agreements can only save you time in the future. After all, plugging in a company, contact name and close date is much easier than digging files out of your laptop all day.
  2. All Contracts, One Location – When you have one portal to access all of your contracts and other sales documents, it’s easier to keep your multiple deals on track. Sending contract revisions through email can cause confusion and throw an entire project off the rails. Having all of your documents in one cloud-based folder keeps the entire process organized from early agreement to final contract.
  3. Simplify Revisions – During any contract process, email thread can complicate communications. If one message is missed, a critical detail that could derail an entire quarter. Don’t let that happen. With the process LinkSquares lays out, you can clearly see what revisions and edits are requested and when they were brought to the forefront, ensuring that no steps in the process are overlooked.

In the end, it comes down to making your employees lives easier and enabling them to do their job in the most efficient way. Working efficiently maximizes productivity, and what sales leader doesn’t want that for their team?

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