Handling Inbound Leads

By Chris Combs

So you just started a new sales job a few weeks ago. After onboarding by the HR team and some initial sales training you finally get your first inbound lead. Now what?

Here are some simple strategies to keep in mind as you begin to work inbound leads.

Do Your Research - After you get a lead with name, email, phone etc. do some quick research on the person and company. In todays world with public LinkedIn profiles and Google searches you should be able to gather some basic information easily. How big is the organization in terms of employees? Do you have anything in common with the prospect that may be a good reference? A mutual school or contact can always  be a good icebreaker.

Call First - If you have a phone number to contact them always give them a quick call to start out. It looks good that you reached out quickly to answer their questions. Only after you were unable to reach them a couple times should you send an email. Even in that case, just something quick to setup the next call.

Why the Call? - A call enables you to get more information on your sales process about the prospect than email.  Their level of interest, timeframe to purchase, budget availability, and comfort with product pricing. All critical things to know that you wont get over email. Getting this information early on can save a lot of time and effort for you in the long run.

Setup Next Steps - Once you've got them on the phone and qualified the prospect, invite them into your sales process. If the next step is a online demo or in person visit discuss those next steps with the prospect. Breaking it down into a step by step process is much easier than asking for the sale right away. It also makes the process much more predictable for you. Take them to the next step, whatever that is.

Now that you have a strategy for inbound leads at the top of your sales funnel you will hopefully find your sales process much more efficient and effective. If you have any thoughts or questions feel free to reach out to me by email chris@linksquares dot com or signup for more blog updates here.

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