Negotiating Sales Agreements with LinkSquares

By Chris Combs

If you're in sales you've seen it before; you have a huge deal in the pipeline only to struggle to get it closed on time because of contract and terms negotiations. Things start off really well with the prospect, during the demo you realize this could be a pretty big deal. Great! Just in time to hit your quarterly number. Then you hear it at the end of the call:

"Just send over your Enterprise Agreement and we'll have our legal team review."

Before you know it you're knee deep in negotiations watching the days until quarter end tick away. First, its a formatting issue where the MS Word document keeps getting messed up because one party accidentally opened the document with a different word processing program.

Then there is an issue where the customer changed their own revision and then 'accepted' the change themselves. This change didn't get caught until almost the very end of the negotiation and then it had to go back to Finance for final approval.

Finally in the 25th hour the customer finally emails back, they say:

"Our printer is messed up but I should be able to get it signed and scanned in the morning."

Leaving you sitting up awake that night wishing there was a better way to this done.

Fortunately with LinkSquares Sales Document Acceleration you have a tool to easily streamline and track this process of agreements and redlines with prospects.

Invite Instead of Attach - Now instead of going back fourth emailing attachments you can invite the prospect into your contract. From there both parties have controlled access to the document and can request, approve or reject changes.  During this time, the sales person can also get analytics on when the prospect opened the contract, for how long, and more.

Track Changes - You can also invite other parties in as needed. For example, if your sales manager or sales operations lead needs to approve something. From there you can actually track the history of changes right in line. Seeing what was changed, when, and by who. Never again will you run into a problem of fraudulent contract changes. Just think about how much time reviewing contracts you will get back!

E-Signature - Last but not least, the tool has e-signature built in so your customer can sign when they are ready without much hassle. Best of all you will get notified immediately the agreement was executed. No more waiting for the email to arrive at 7pm  on a Friday because your prospect forgot to send it.

Summaries and Search - In addition your sales operations team will love this tool because in addition to document storage, it will track and provide summaries of all unique contracts that get signed. No more searching around or not knowing what you agreed to with a customer.

Hopefully our tool will help your team with some of the challenges of negotiating sales agreements. Feel free to signup to learn more at LinkSquares. Here to closing deals faster with less errors!

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