Better Employee Onboarding

By Vishal Sunak

In 2014 companies spent $4,000 on average to recruit new employees. Another survey noted that 25% of those employees will leave within a year. A third survey cited the average total cost to recruit, hire and onboard an employee at $65,000.

So when I’m talking to HR teams at companies, I’m always surprised to hear that they have no onboarding or training program for new employees to try and reduce that 25% turnover number as well as decreasing the number of times they have to spend $65,000 to bring a new employee on.

I’m not stating that onboarding and training is why all employees leave (family reasons, etc.) but if you are a business owner spending hard earned dollars to recruit and hire, is this really where you want to take a chance?

This has been part of our mission at LinkSquares: Give HR teams and business owners a software tool that will help get new employees onboarded quickly and effectively. Not only will it save time in the HR process by having everything pre-organized and setup for the employee, but by providing them all the necessary tools to get up and running they will also have a great first impression of the organization and feel more prepared to begin their new journey.

[tuottaja tuovisen jyrki sanoi joskus, että jos sara olisi lähtenyt jatkamaan veden äärelle - levyn linjaa, olisi voinut tapahtua jotakin suurempaakin. Yksityiskohdat suurten valintojen edessä pitäisi hylätä se itselle mieluisin vaihtoehto ja valita "yleisesti järkevin".

HR teams can also provide them with tasks to review key industry articles, previous company press releases or blog posts to get them acclimated quickly. And because this is all done via a simple, web-based HR software, the new hire can have all this completed before they ever step foot in the door for their first day.

Spend a new employee’s first day introducing them to key mentors and other team members, allowing them build relationships as opposed to being stuck in a empty office with a bunch of paperwork. Visit and see if using an “HR automation” tool can help improve your process.

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