How HR Teams Can Improve

By Chris Combs


Human Resources teams are the stewards of company culture and they are in charge of communicating and recruiting all new employees. On top of that, they help current employees with important questions about their insurance, paid time off, and many other things.

LinkSquares software can handle a lot of these tasks in one platform. Team members can upload documents and write quick posts about policies and other commonly asked questions so employees can search for important stuff like; "What is the sick leave policy" or "How long is the maternity leave?". Whats even better is the post stays up so they can check for a reminder any time from any device. Policy change? No worries, just update the post from your administrative dashboard.

Have an important question for the team or need some feedback on a change? Post using the Q&A feature to gather feedback on culture and ideas. The best part is anyone can ask and answer questions, so whether an executive wants feedback on a new idea or product, or the marketing director wants feedback on website copy, anyone can gather important data.

Sometimes companies grow so big, so quickly that they lose connection with employees and the information they can share. This allows large enterprise teams to collaborate, continue to innovate and gather important feedback on new ideas.

What about team notes from town hall meetings or other events? Simply upload important slides or summaries for the team to review. They can also comment to ask other questions anonymously if they would prefer. Did the CEO send out an important memo to the team? Post it on LinkSquares so everyone, even new employees, can see it.

Speaking of new employees, what if you had a prepared package of links, articles, and team posts that you could share with them in a onboarding package. Once employees have a LinkSquares account, they can reference their onboarding material any time they need. You can also create these collections for other processes team members want to be able to quickly review.

Really, anyone on the team can share anything. If someone have an important industry article about a competitor that he wants to share with the company, he can post it to LinkSquares where others can comment and share thoughts.

Our mission is to help improve team collaboration and communication, and we believe that starts with helping the HR team to share important information and gather useful feedback. The HR team can then bring powerful feedback to the C-level team on policy changes and culture feedback.

We think people are a company’s most important asset, and we want to help you make sure your team has all the information they need to be happy, productive employees.

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