Welcome to the LinkSquares Sales Acceleration Blog

By Vishal Sunak

Welcome to the LinkSquares Sales Acceleration blog! We’re thrilled to share with you our thoughts about sales, document management and our product, LinkSquares.

Let's dive right in. Companies hire millions of sales reps every year. Some leave for new companies, some dont make it and other top performers get promoted. How do sales teams manage the numerous tasks, quotes, agreements and other contracts.

Every morning they get up and check our inbox, then check it again, and again, and again until we go to bed. Then we get up and do the same thing the next day. What's more interesting is that since the creation of the ARPANET that led to the first electronic mail communication in 1971.  We've held true to its first original intent - text based electronic communication. Sure, we have apps on our phones, we can send attachments and beautifully formatted HTML emails, but emails still come into our inbox in the same simplistic fashion that Ray Tomlinson coded up.

As we all know most sales deals happen via email, but current technology makes it difficult to create new contracts quickly, calculate quotes accurately, and get a view of where your proposals are in a pipeline.

This was the basis for the idea of LinkSquares, a sales document automation platform.  Our goal is to build a tool that will take some of those tedious tasks sales reps are always doing and move it to a more efficient platform. A place where you can send, track, and sign business documents online in a fast, secure, professional way.

Thanks for reading this and coming along with us on this journey, we're excited about the road ahead.

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