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  In 2017, the technology sector continued to evolve at a quickening pace, creating new challenges for General Counsels, CFO’s and other legal and finance team members. And the New Revenue Recognition Standards update could mean hefty fines for those teams who do not maintain compliance. Needless to say, this year definitely gave us plenty of… Read more >

Free eBook: New ASC-606 Revenue Recognition Standards and How It Impacts Your Contracts

It has been 15 years since the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued sweeping changes to generally accepted accounting principles (U.S. GAAP). But we are only months away from the ASC 606 New Revenue Recognition Standards taking effect, and many businesses are scrambling to get their finance and legal teams in order. When Do the Changes… Read more >

Free eBook: GDPR Regulations – Everything Legal and Finance Teams Need to Know

Cyber criminality is not only here to stay, it is now pervading every corner of the Internet at a quickening pace. In fact, 2016 saw some of the highest profile data breaches that hit diverse enterprises around the globe and compromised the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of millions of people. This PII includes everything from… Read more >

DraftKings Picks LinkSquares to Handle Contract Growth

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Through LinkSquares Contract Analysis and Reporting Software, DraftKings Has Adeptly Handled Their High Pace of Growth Boston, MA – April 10, 2017 DraftKings, the leading provider of 1-day fantasy sports, has experienced significant growth since their founding in 2012. Raising almost 800 million dollars so far in venture capital, the company has… Read more >

Ventiv Technology Teams with LinkSquares to Bring Contract Reviews In-House

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ventiv Technology Teams with LinkSquares to Bring Contract Reviews In-House February 8th, 2017 Boston, MA Ventiv Technolgy, a cloud-based solutions provider that delivers innovative risk management, claims administration, auditing and safety management systems, has teamed with LinkSquares to cut costs for contract review projects and other legal operations work. Based in Chicago… Read more >

Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Working with Scanned PDF Contracts

Legal agreements and customer contracts are the backbone of any organization. These vital documents ensure terms are properly fulfilled and lay the foundation for future negotiations. It’s incredibly important to have a contracts system not only make the data readily accessible to legal teams, it must ensure that data is easily searchable and centrally located. Many… Read more >

Bazaarvoice Teams with LinkSquares to Optimize Contract Abstraction and Decrease Review Costs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bazaarvoice Teams with LinkSquares to Optimize Contract Abstraction & Decrease Review Costs by 50% Somerville, MA, – November 1st, 2016 Bazaarvoice, the leading provider of technology solutions that connect brands to consumers, has teamed with LinkSquares to better understand the details of their contracts and customer agreements. Bazaarvoice, which is based in… Read more >

Incident Response Plan for Finance & Legal Teams

Data breaches, lawsuits and other legal issues are happening with increasing frequency and targeting even larger companies. Cyber criminals are becoming more savvy and effective. As a result, organizations have a lot more to deal with in terms of compliance. An incident response plan to protect your firm and your clients. Nonetheless, the growing threat… Read more >

Contracts Self-Assessment Test

Are you overwhelmed with contract payment terms and time inefficiencies when reviewing contracts? Are renewal terms causing confusion? Contracts will always need to be reviewed its a matter of how much time you spend doing it. Whether it is researching information in customer agreements, or completing diligence for financing, this takes both time and work. Why waste… Read more >

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