Four Best Practices for OCR Conversion

Successful legal contract management starts and ends with efficient and well-managed document processes. Without a sound approach, management becomes a source of frustration, while costs and legal debt continue to increase.  Lawyers spend countless hours manually reviewing each and every document for vital information, and team members struggle to locate important corporate information. On top… Read more >

3 Reasons to Get Rid of Scanned PDFs

Pretty much every industry over the past 10 years has shared one common goal – to go “paperless.” For example, we’ve seen tremendous opportunities for efficiency and growth in the healthcare industry, which has, little by little, adopted electronic health record (EHR) solutions. Obviously a paperless business offers many advantages. For starters, getting rid of… Read more >

Crisis Management: 3 Steps to Take Back Control

The federal government has been under crisis management for not investing in new servers, software and data protection. The Government Accountability Office reports that the IRS uses 56-year-old computer code to update taxpayer accounts. In addition, security experts say that data threats may create “a crisis bigger than Y2K”, according to Federal Chief Information Officer Tony… Read more >

Incident Response Plan for Finance & Legal Teams

Data breaches, lawsuits and other legal issues are happening with increasing frequency and targeting even larger companies. Cyber criminals are becoming more savvy and effective. As a result, organizations have a lot more to deal with in terms of compliance. An incident response plan to protect your firm and your clients. Nonetheless, the growing threat… Read more >

Legal Debt vs. Technical Debt

    In the world of engineering teams, there is a term called “technical debt.” An informal definition of this term is “a concept in programming that reflects the extra development work that arises when code that is easy to implement in the short run is used instead of applying the best overall solution.” Another… Read more >

5 Keys to Legal Incident Response Management

Security breaches and legal incident  issues are more common today than ever before. Sensitive information is being stolen from right under company’s fingertips. Even Wal-Mart and Target, two of the largest companies in the world have been hacked recently. Since they are still in business, it’s safe to assume they have standards and procedure in place… Read more >

Cloud vs. On-Prem Tools for Legal Teams

When purchasing a piece of software, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. One important decision you must make early on in the buying process is to decide whether you will use an on-premise software solution (managed on your company’s internal servers) or a cloud-based software (managed by a vendor). Here’s a few… Read more >

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