Crisis Management: 3 Steps to Take Back Control

The federal government has been under crisis management for not investing in new servers, software and data protection. The Government Accountability Office reports that the IRS uses 56-year-old computer code to update taxpayer accounts. In addition, security experts say that data threats may create “a crisis bigger than Y2K”, according to Federal Chief Information Officer Tony… Read more >

LinkSquares Use Case: Fundraising and M&A Due Diligence

Before someone buys or sells a company, M&A due diligence is required. You want to know what you are buying and what types of obligations will be transferred your way. This includes the review of litigation risks, intellectual property issues, contingent liabilities, problematic contracts and much more. Most of all, due diligence is needed in order… Read more >

Incident Response Plan for Finance & Legal Teams

Data breaches, lawsuits and other legal issues are happening with increasing frequency and targeting even larger companies. Cyber criminals are becoming more savvy and effective. As a result, organizations have a lot more to deal with in terms of compliance. An incident response plan to protect your firm and your clients. Nonetheless, the growing threat… Read more >

Creating an Incident Outreach Plan

Your company just got hacked. Sensitive information was stolen, and you need to respond quickly. Waiting too long to address the issue could have a long-lasting effect on your business. If you don’t have an incident response plan in place, you could already be a step behind. The key to successfully getting through a cyber security incident… Read more >

Legal Debt vs. Technical Debt

    In the world of engineering teams, there is a term called “technical debt.” An informal definition of this term is “a concept in programming that reflects the extra development work that arises when code that is easy to implement in the short run is used instead of applying the best overall solution.” Another… Read more >

Contracts Self-Assessment Test

Are you overwhelmed with contract payment terms and time inefficiencies when reviewing contracts? Are renewal terms causing confusion? Contracts will always need to be reviewed its a matter of how much time you spend doing it. Whether it is researching information in customer agreements, or completing diligence for financing, this takes both time and work. Why waste… Read more >

5 Keys to Legal Incident Response Management

Security breaches and legal incident  issues are more common today than ever before. Sensitive information is being stolen from right under company’s fingertips. Even Wal-Mart and Target, two of the largest companies in the world have been hacked recently. Since they are still in business, it’s safe to assume they have standards and procedure in place… Read more >