Risk Assessment: Security Risks Survey

We all know how important cybersecurity is today. Enterprise data, personal data and everything in between can be stolen or copied with the click of a button. Slowly but surely, people are becoming more and more aware of the risks associated with storing enterprise data online. This trend is especially relevant to legal departments.  In the first part… Read more >

Top Resources for In-House Counsel

At LinkSquares we talk with and work with lots of other legal blogs to share our story about helping in-house counsel and their teams save time and find key information they need to run their department. After we came across several really great resources for general and corporate counsels and their teams in house, we… Read more >

Top 3 Risk Events for a In-House Counsel

As an In-House Counsel and the person responsible for the legal operations at a company, each day you try to make sure that the your company remains legally safe and compliant. A good day for you is quiet and uneventful from a legal perspective. But don’t get too cozy, there’s a few scenarios that may… Read more >

Why Salesforce Isn’t for Legal Teams

Salesforce.com has built an empire in the cloud software space over the last 10 years. Through their acquisitions and growth, they’ve build a “cloud” for almost every department inside a company. There’s a cloud for service, sales, support, marketing, and community. Salesforce deserves our respect and admiration for bringing software to the cloud and providing products… Read more >

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