Top Blog Posts of 2017

  In 2017, the technology sector continued to evolve at a quickening pace, creating new challenges for General Counsels, CFO’s and other legal and finance team members. And the New Revenue Recognition Standards update could mean hefty fines for those teams who do not maintain compliance. Needless to say, this year definitely gave us plenty of… Read more >

Buying Contract Software for the 1st Time? 4 Basic Things You Need to Know

All companies have one thing in common: the need to leverage technology in order to gain a competitive advantage. Software products allow businesses to streamline tasks and optimize processes, thereby giving them an edge in the marketplace. Choosing the right software solution is often challenging, and managing full adoption and ease of implementation can be… Read more >

Solera Health Latest Example of LinkSquares Growth into Healthcare Vertical

Boston, MA – October 25, 2017 Solera Health, the Phoenix-based company that has created a marketplace for digital and in-person diabetes prevention programs, has chosen LinkSquares as their contract analysis partner. The company has seen recent significant growth and was looking for a contract solution that could help with ongoing monthly reporting requirements around customer contracts… Read more >

Free eBook: New ASC-606 Revenue Recognition Standards and How It Impacts Your Contracts

It has been 15 years since the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued sweeping changes to generally accepted accounting principles (U.S. GAAP). But we are only months away from the ASC 606 New Revenue Recognition Standards taking effect, and many businesses are scrambling to get their finance and legal teams in order. When Do the Changes… Read more >

Evaluating Contract Management Software? 4 Key Considerations

Contracts are the backbone of any business. These documents hold crucial information about how the organization relates to its partners, customers, suppliers and employees. Contract management software (CMS) has been around for decades and has various segments of new technology that allow organizations to pull contractual data and analyze it so they may track their… Read more >

ASC-606 Regulations: 5 Steps to Properly Recognizing and Reporting Revenue

  By now, most companies have heard about the Financial Accounting Standards Board Accounting Standards Update called “Revenue from Contracts with Customers”. This standard removes general accounting inconsistencies and provides companies throughout different industries with a more robust framework for analyzing revenue. Why is this important and why should you make sure you’re prepared for… Read more >

New Revenue Recognition Standards and How It Impacts Your Contracts

  When you work on finance or legal teams, many business law changes at the federal level can complicate your work and bring headaches and confusion to your business. In this instance, we’re talking about the New Revenue Recognition Standards – an accounting update that is presenting challenges for enterprises across all industries in the… Read more >

Free eBook: GDPR Regulations – Everything Legal and Finance Teams Need to Know

Cyber criminality is not only here to stay, it is now pervading every corner of the Internet at a quickening pace. In fact, 2016 saw some of the highest profile data breaches that hit diverse enterprises around the globe and compromised the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of millions of people. This PII includes everything from… Read more >